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The Grand Opening of R&D Center



 The R&D Center of Enzpro officially opened on November 25, 2019 in Longtan Industrial Park Sichuan Inspection and Testing Innovation Technology Park. About 800 square meters, the laboratory has advanced and precise equipment which cost more than 8.6 million. Beyond that, all of the members are Ph.D or masters from 985 or 211 universities.(famous universities in China ,the same as Ivy League schools in America.) After that, all the Core characters of the center have more than 10 years’ experience of pharmaceutical R&D in the famous domestic institute, international pharmaceutical companies or well-known universities.


The R&D Center is focused on the design and optimization of specialty enzymes, proteins and biomacromolecules. The creative and interdisciplinary approach is the core technology of the center, combining bioinformatics and directed evolution, molecular and structural biology, protein and enzyme engineering, biochemistry and organic chemistry. The research center is dedicated to integrated research and the development of AI-based biotechnology system, a new region of computational biology for biotechnology that makes biologists with computing to guide the development of appropriate research strategy for their peculiar needs.