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Founded in 2018, Enzpro Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech innovation enterprise driven by “differentiated innovation”. Our company focuses on the development of specialty enzymes, proteins, biopolymers and peptide products. Enzpro supplies environmentally friendly products with low cost, high quality and high bioactivity by novel enzyme-based bioprocess.

Specialty enzymes



Original protein production


protein production

Product application

Product application

Our products are mainly applied in chronic disease and cosmeceuticals fields. The pharmaceutical peptides are specialized in treatment of diabetes mellitus, obesity, osteoporosis and chronic wounds. The cosmeceutical peptides which are specialized in anti-wrinkle, whitening and firming are produced through novel biocatalysis technology.

Enzpro is customer-oriented.

Our staff always devote themselves to provide quality products and considerate services to the customers. For further development, Enzpro warmly welcomes related researchers to contact us for exploiting new enzymes together.

Enzpro is customer-oriented.

R&D Center

Founded in 2019, the R&D Center of Enzpro is located in the Longtan Headquarters in Chenghua District, Chengdu. The laboratory covers an area of 800 square meters and has R&D equipment with a total value of worth more than 8.6 million.

The founding team of Enzpro are all “985” university graduates who all have master or Ph.D. degree. They have more than 10 years of Pharmaceutical R&D experience in the famous domestic institute, international pharmaceutical companies and well-known universities.

The R&D Center consists of the Information Engineering Department, the Bioscience Technology Department and the Enzyme Engineering Technology Department, covering all the industrialization research and development system for protein and peptide products,which includes big data analysis, specialty enzyme design, engineered strain construction, pilot-scale fermentation, biocatalysis, chemical synthesis, downstream process development and QC and QA research.